Right from the foundation of UWT, we have strived to produce simple, high performance and reliable products that offer value for money. This continues to be a crucial part of our organisation’s philosophy. Quality assurance and management are not just a buzz word; they really are core to our philosophy. It does not matter to us, whether “only“ a simple shaft, or a high complex electronic component is required. All components are extensively tested. Only then, they can be assembled into our products, before undergoing a further function test. This philosophy continues to be the basis for a close trusting relationship between us and our customers.

Communication is the key to
successful teamwork

We have a mix of both experienced and young staff and in this way everyone profits from ongoing learning and innovation.

Continuous exchanging of information within the different teams and across the departments and locations ensures a close and productive working togetherness in all areas of the production process. Our energetic and motivated staff ensure that the high quality finished product guarantees your complete satisfaction.


We place our trust in highly qualified specialists with many years of industry experience.
.Team spirit.
Our friendly atmosphere ensures a productive working environment, thereby achieving high quality end products.
We produce extremely accurate and effective functioning instrumentation ready for use in the field.
For our customers, we are a partner in which they can place 100 percent trust.
We strive to use the great market opportunities to our best advantage and thereby acquire new customers around the world.

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